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In celebration of 100 years, we're sharing stories about the people who have shaped SAIT throughout our first century.
 What’s your #SAITstory? If you have a special memory or connection to SAIT, we want to hear about it. Tell us your story.
28 Jun
Behind the lens

Behind the lens

#SAITstory:  “When I applied to SAIT in 2007, I didn’t know anxiety and depression were about to pull life out from underneath me. By the time I first set foot on campus in 2008, I was almost fully consumed in a battle with both. I still don’t know how I made it to class every day during those first few months. 

But there were people — my instructors and peers — who cared about my success and inspired me with their passion and experience. They believed in me. And so, eventually, I started to believe in myself. I graduated with honours and went on to study film and video in France and Vancouver before heading into my career.

By the time I returned to SAIT in 2015 to join the SAIT Centennial Project team, I had taken steps to heal. My struggle with mental illness is still very real, but I have learned how to better manage the symptoms and, in fact, thrive in spite of them. 

The impact this place and its people had on my life never left me. 

Then I was tasked with #SAITstory – finding and sharing the stories of people from throughout SAIT’s first century. I knew I wasn’t the only person whose life trajectory had been beautifully interrupted by this place. And this wonderful series has given me a front-row seat to stories of survival, transformation, hilarity and hope. Some stories I stumbled on by accident, some I sought out and others were contributed by my current and former colleagues Sophy Gray, Nicole Ingwersen, Cyla Panin and Nicole Carrington. Together, this collection celebrates the greatest reason this place is so special: its people.  

And so, I leave you with the last #SAITstory post of the centennial series ― a small piece of my own story ― and with my sincere gratitude to those who participated. Thank you for your memories, vulnerability and truth.”

Ashley Naud, Content Specialist, SAIT Centennial Project | Journalism ‘10

Editor’s note: This is not the end of #SAITstory! The series will take on a new life beginning Sept. 2017. Until then, we invite you to keep it going by share your own #SAITstory. Use the hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or post to SAIT on Facebook


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