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21 Mar
Home away from home

Home away from home

“I grew up in Venezuela and I was there until I was 23. I graduated as a chemical engineer there. I met my wife there. However, the situation of the country made us look for alternatives.  Spain was our first alternative since the language barrier was not there. However, it was difficult to adapt to the culture. We looked into the opportunities in Canada and the thing that caught our attention was that Canada has five of the 10 best cities to live in the world. We came to Canada and I started working for PepsiCo and have now been here for nine years. Even with PepsiCo, I’ve lived in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, so I’ve moved around quite a bit.

We’ve enjoyed but it’s not like we necessarily dreamed of it. Sometimes it has been tough for my family and sometimes it has been refreshing. It has given me perspective and helped me live my life happier. 

Our daughter was born in Montreal. She speaks Spanish at home ― we force her to speak Spanish. Well, not “force”, but we will say to her, ‘I don’t understand what you’re saying. I am not going to respond unless you say it in Spanish.’ 

Canada has been great to us and the people in this country are exceptional. We want our daughter to be Canadian and feel Canadian, but we want her also to have that little touch of Venezuela, so she knows it and knows where we once were. It’s important.”

Alirio Briceno, Operations Management Certificate ‘10 | Manufacturing Plant Director, PepsiCo

Editor’s note: PepsiCo is a valued community partner and supporter of SAIT students and alumni. They hire SAIT grads and are the Presenting Sponsor for our 100-year anniversary.

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