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31 Jan
Journey of faith

Journey of faith

“I worked as a paramedic for five or six years and then I decided to switch out … You can’t invest yourself so deeply into a call — you won’t last. At the time I had to try to find a way to remove myself from it. But I think eventually I had removed myself so much that I was not very personal with people … I was doing it to survive, and I did. But eventually, I found I lost my soul. I lost who I was as a person.

It was an arrogant person I became and I wasn’t happy about that. I wanted to re-ground myself and go do something that was focused on mission or ministry around the world – I wanted to gain passion and compassion for people again. 

I served a ministry for a good eight years. I travelled to different areas of the world, usually Asia or South America, working in a lot of slums and a lot of places in the developing world.

As for my role , I try to go out and have as much coffee with people as I can. I’m travelling around, walking the halls as much as I can … I do have a turned up moustache, so that’s kind of become my calling card (laughs). And so people will recognize me, but in order for them to know what I do, I have to explain. 

I try to have conversation with people no matter what their faith or non-faith is. I connect with them and ask, ‘How are you feeling about your time on campus here? Are you excited for what you’re studying? Are you finding your meaning and purpose?’ 

My friend at U of C calls it a spiritual broker. I sometimes call it coaching or mentoring because I am also a hockey coach, and I love analogies around hockey or coaching. I don’t try to give the answer because I don’t know — I am on my adventure as much as anyone else is. So I ask questions and help people discern through that and maybe they can discover their path.”

Art Kung, Chaplain, SAIT Interfaith Centre | Emergency Medical Technician ’90

Editor’s note: Art is part of SAIT’s Interfaith Centre, which is a service for staff and students and includes chaplains from a variety of faiths, including Roman Catholic, Muslim and Christian. 


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