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In celebration of 100 years, we're sharing stories about the people who have shaped SAIT throughout our first century.
 What’s your #SAITstory? If you have a special memory or connection to SAIT, we want to hear about it. Tell us your story.
27 Jun
Leading the charge

Leading the charge

#SAITstory: “SAIT’s centennial program was so massive in scale and scope that sometimes it seemed quite daunting. 

When I first walked into SAIT there were some project priorities and a bit of a framework of ideas in place. From there, our strategy and budget needed to be developed and we needed a project team. There were stakeholders to be engaged, time capsules to be opened and a whole year of celebrations ― not to mention our centennial weekend ― that needed to be imagined. These were all things that had never been done here before. 

I’ve been consulting for 10 years and worked with many organizations, but I can tell you SAIT’s centennial has been my favourite experience ever. I think the most meaningful piece for me was “discovering” Clarence Hollingworth, our 102-year-old alumnus and former instructor ― he is my favourite story. He is pretty much SAIT’s history walking around in one guy. So he’s SAIT’s treasure but he’s also become my friend. I could have been worried night and day about this project. Strangely enough, Clarence gave me a lot stability to know that it’ll be alright. That was completely unexpected. 

I’ll wrap up this project knowing I helped make SAIT proud of its history, its celebratory year was a success and its future looks bright.  I will always be proud of this work ― it has truly been my honour. It felt like three years of flat-out running, but look what we’ve achieved. ”

Cathy Downey, Director, SAIT Centennial Project


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