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04 Apr
Legal hustle

Legal hustle

“Growing up, dance was just my way of staying out of trouble. I wasn’t too bad of a kid, but I wasn’t the greatest student either. School was to make my parents happy. I wasn’t motivated. To me, the only things that mattered were sneakers, fashion and dance.

When I was 16 and 17, we’d be breaking on my driveway. We’d get a piece of cardboard and we’d dance on that. I was also on the dance team at my school, so we had the gymnasium and the theatres – pretty much wherever we could get space, we would dance. It was 10 years ago I discovered Krumping. My dance crew, Empirical Freedom, is the first to bring this style of dance to Western Canada.

I was the only child born in Canada out of my siblings. My mom lived in the Philippines with my sister and brother and worked as an English teacher, while my dad lived in Singapore to work. He had to sacrifice time with his family so he could give us a better future. 

I graduated in 2010 with my Aircraft Structures Technician (ACST) certificate and got a job in the aviation industry. My dad is also an aircraft structures technician, so I always grew up around planes and travelling. My sister also graduated from the ACST program in 1997, so aviation is in our family.

My dad always told me to find a career where I could make more money and work less, rather than make less and work more so I had more time for myself, my friends and my family. He had to sacrifice those things and he didn't want me to have to do the same. His words always stuck with me and when the opportunity came to make a change and follow my childhood dream of owning my own business, I took the plunge. I saved up money and started my clothing company, Legal Hustle Clothing. I came back to SAIT in 2011 and got my business diploma and since then, so many opportunities have opened up for me.”

Albert Mejia |Aircraft Structures Technician ’10 | Business Administration ’14 | Founder and owner, Legal Hustle Clothing | Co-Founder, Empirical Freedom| Creator, YYC SOLEdiers 


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