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In celebration of 100 years, we're sharing stories about the people who have shaped SAIT throughout our first century.
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05 Jul
A Stampede Parade pro

A Stampede Parade pro

"I have always been a fan of the parade, especially because it kicks-off Stampede week. I love everything about it, particularly the pipe bands.

I was a marshal for 20 years and my job was to keep people's bums on the curb and the horses on the street. I worked the first block of the parade where I'd shoo kids, and sometimes moms and dads, off the parade route and back onto the sidewalk. I'd also keep an eye on the horses. When horses get skittish, it's usually at the start.

All of them are pretty tame, but sometimes an inexperienced rider doesn't know how to work with a horse and the animal will go off course. The job of a marshal is to grab the reigns and redirect the horse back into a straight line. I only had to do that about a dozen times over my years as a street marshal.

One of my favorite parts of my role as a marshal was getting to see the same spectators return year after year to my spot on the route. Over the years, I got to see moms and dads with their little kids. Then the kids got older and they’d disappear for a few years. Then they’d come back as adults with kids of their own.”

John Dumonceaux, SAIT Alumnus BA ’94 | Development Officer, SAIT Alumni & Development | Stampede Parade volunteer for 27 years

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