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In celebration of 100 years, we're sharing stories about the people who have shaped SAIT throughout our first century.
 What’s your #SAITstory? If you have a special memory or connection to SAIT, we want to hear about it. Tell us your story.
17 May
Amidst the unexpected

Amidst the unexpected

#SAITstory: “I had been the General Manager since March, so it was only about two-and-a-half months in my new position. I woke up in the morning on June 22 and I thought, ‘Wow, it’s raining really hard.’ I got home from work that day and my sister said, ‘pack a bag, we have to leave,’ because we were living in #vicparkyyc .

So I left and thought, ‘Well, I’ll go back to SAIT.’ I got here and got a phone call that we’d be taking evacuees. I thought, ‘Oh my god,’ and was kind of freaking out a little bit. That was definitely an eye-opening experience because I was pretty new at my job at the time, still learning my place …

This past week of taking in the fire evacuees, we had double of what we had during the flood. It was easier because we knew where we went wrong the first time with some procedural things and we could draw on those experiences. A lot of the team is the same that was here in 2013, so they have done it before, too.”

Stephanie Woods, SAIT Alumna BA ’08 | General Manager, SAIT Residence

What's your ‪#‎SAITstory‬? In celebration of 100 years, we're sharing the stories that have collectively shaped who we are today. Tell us how you got here, why you have a special connection to the SAIT community or where your experience has brought you today. Or maybe you know a friend or family member's #SAITstory that needs to be told. We'd love to hear from you! Share your story here.

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