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In celebration of 100 years, we're sharing stories about the people who have shaped SAIT throughout our first century.
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22 Nov
Being Therese Murray

Being Therese Murray

“I graduated in 1983 from Commercial Baking but then my legs got pretty bad, so I came back in 1987 and took Accounting. I took it slow because by then my arms were getting bad, too. 

Basically, from grade five to grade six, I grew too fast. Theory is none of the tendons grew with me – they are all too short for my body. You can only stretch a tendon twice and most of mine have been. I was 13 when I started having surgeries and I started having to use a scooter in 1987, which is when I came back to SAIT. During that time I started working for SAIT Athletics just to make extra money by keeping score and taking tickets for games, things like that. And I am still doing it. 

The SAIT Students Association has an award called the Therese Murray Award. It’s for outstanding volunteering. It was named after me in 1990-91. I was surprised when they first gave it out and to be honest, didn't expect it to be around for long. 

While I was a student here I was a senate chair and a student representative on Academic Council. I was also on the Disability Awareness Committee, and we achieved everything we wanted to do — like adding wheelchair ramps, signs in braille and automatic doors and increasing snow clearing for people who are in wheelchairs. 

This past year I went to a centennial meeting, and there was a girl doing the check-in. I said my name, ‘Therese Murray,’ and she replied, ‘The Therese Murray?’ She had just won the award the night before and couldn’t believe I was there in front of her. She wanted to get a picture with me ― that was a confidence boost.”

Therese Murray, Commercial Baking ’83, Business Administration - Accounting ’91 | Key minor official, game day sport statistics, SAIT Trojans 


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