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30 May
Overcoming language barriers

Overcoming language barriers

“Three years ago, when I first came to Canada, it was hard for me to speak with the people. They didn't understand my accent and I couldn't express my opinion completely. I felt really shocked and didn’t have much confidence. I didn’t want to talk to people ― I just wanted to go to school and go home. I got homesick and depressed easily.

But then I got involved with SAIT and the Calgary community ― Fort Calgary and The Mustard Seed ― and I became more confident.

At The Mustard Seed I was helping low-income people to use computers and other software to find jobs … I volunteered because one time I couldn't afford housing after becoming jobless. I lived in my friend's living room for a while. Sleeping on the coach is not a great feeling. It reminds me every day that I need to study and work hard.”

Lorie Tran, ITSD ’16 | 2015/16 SAITSA ITSD Club and VietSAIT Club President | 2015/16 Community Assistant, SAIT Residence

Editor’s note: After receiving an Associate Degree in International Business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Lorie Tran came to Canada to travel and learn English. Along the way she rediscovered her passion for art and design. After overcoming a multitude of obstacles, including job loss, culture shock and language barriers, the 2016 software development graduate continued to pursue her dream of becoming a graphic designer and has recently been accepted to SAIT’s New Media Production and Design program.

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