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20 Dec
Christmas in Nigeria

Christmas in Nigeria

#SAITstory: “Nigeria is made up of approximately 500 ethnic groups, where there are three major ethnic groups: Yoruba, Hausa-Fulani and Igbo. The rest are categorized as minority tribes.

The festivities recognized all over the country are based on religion: Christianity and Islam, which are accorded public holidays all over the country. I am a Christian, and I belong to the Yoruba and Bini tribe by virtue of my parents.

In my family, and for those who still have living parents, grandparents or great-grandparents, every family member travels to the family home located either in the village or city for one to two weeks of intense celebration every day. This is an opportunity to meet and connect with other extended family members, know the family tree and celebrate together as one big family. It is more of a traditional family reunion.

For food, we buy animals like goats, rams, cows – depends on your level of income. If your income is high, you will buy a cow and probably you’ll invite the whole street to share with you.

Some people wear traditional clothes and you purchase the material yourself and take it to the tailors for them to sew it for you.  You need to do that the first week of December if you want to wear something traditional on Christmas day, otherwise, you won’t have anything. If you shop for normal English attire, you wear whatever makes you feel good.” 

Femi Aladeselu, SAIT student, Bachelor of Applied Technology Petroleum Engineering


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