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In celebration of 100 years, we're sharing stories about the people who have shaped SAIT throughout our first century.
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15 Sep
Finding our first 11 students

Finding our first 11 students

 “I had to comb through thousands and thousands of details to get the story. Each and every topic in supports the theme of SAIT being a unique institution because it provides relevant technical education. It was a first in many ways ― SAIT has been innovative and it has stayed relevant. That’s amazing because it started right at the earliest days.

The most surprising thing about this book and about this research project is we don’t know who the first students were. And in a way it’s not surprising because on day one there were just 11 day-time students. But in total there were more than 300 students.

So, I looked in all the archives and all the newspapers and there is no list of those first students or in the months after it opened in October 1916. However, I believe somewhere there’s a beautiful, big, old ledger and then, in beautiful calligraphic script, are these names all of these students ― the first 11, and then the ones that showed up the next day, and the next day and the next day … It will be wonderful when it is discovered.”

David Finch, Historian | Author, Shapers, Makers and Originals, The Story of SAIT’s First 100 Years

Editor’s note: SAIT’s centennial book, ‘Shapers, Makers, and Originals: The Story of SAIT’s First 100 Years’ will be for sale for $24.95 in the SAIT Bookstore beginning Sept. 23. There is a limited release of 2,000 books.

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