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In celebration of 100 years, we're sharing stories about the people who have shaped SAIT throughout our first century.
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26 Jul
Fulfilling a childhood dream

Fulfilling a childhood dream

“I used to be the kid on the bus when my dad was the coach for the SAIT women’s basketball team, then called the Helenas. I would travel with the whole team for tournaments. I remember sitting on the bench thinking, ‘Look how big these players are  they’re so cool.’ 

And then, there I was ― by 19 years old, I was one of the players. When I played, we were called the Lady Trojans.

I would have worn this coat the whole time I was here at SAIT. Well, it was a winter coat, so when it was cold.

I recently pulled it out and I told my 12-year-old son to try it on. It was way too big for him, but it was cool for my kids to see their mom had this because they are now in sports … 

I had said to him, ‘Oh, look at the inside pocket, Ty. I used to carry my Walkman in that.’

And he said, ‘What is a Walkman?’”

Julie McRuvie, Dietary Technology ’94

Editor's note: The first Walkman was released by Sony Corp. in 1979, which paved the way for future portable music devices such as the portable CD player and MP3 player. The Walkman peaked in its popularity between 1987 - 1997.

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