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11 Oct
Learning is my bread and water

Learning is my bread and water

“Well, the fact that I could read before I started school — that kind of tells you. I wanted to learn. I wanted to learn the language. I wanted to learn what words meant. 

My mother was a big help with that of course. “What do you want to read?” I read the comics. Like Dick Tracy, or what’s some of the others? If I thought about it, I could come up with quite a few of the old-time comics, like Gasoline Alley.

Learning is like bread and water to me. What else can you do? That’s how I see it. I’m not interested in sports. I’m not interested in all kinds of things that most people are, but I find that being able to do things for myself is very fulfilling. I like to think about the jobs that I’ve done, even the jobs that I’ve done ten years ago. 

I’d love to come here for some upgrading because I need it. I know that. You see, the last upgrading course I took was in the late ’80s. That’s a long time ago. So I know I need some upgrading, particularly in mechanics. Machine shop, I’m OK, I don’t need much upgrading there. But mechanics, I sure do. There are a lot of things I can’t handle anymore, at least in the newer shop.”

Ted Weale, Machining ‘49


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