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06 Sep
Something from nothing

Something from nothing

“My father passed away in 1998. He was a great role model, he taught us a lot of life lessons and gave us wisdom. He said, ‘You can make something from nothing.’ That advice led me in a different direction ― it kept me alive and kept me out of trouble as we moved from Khartoum (Sudan), Cairo (Egypt) and eventually, to Calgary.

My mother would always tell me, ‘Your father would have never wanted you to be like that,’ whenever I came late or whenever I made any mistakes.

I remember it all just clicked when I came here and started to attend SAIT ― I never knew I would even finish my ESL, let alone do my upgrading and then attend SAIT, as all of my friends had dropped out from school. Having a different culture I felt I wouldn’t have time to catch up.

I came to Canada at the age of 17 and those who were the same age already had a different culture, different clothes and different language. I had to choose if I will stay within my community [ with other South Sudanese immigrants ] and lock myself there because I know they understand me or go to school and involve in other community activities and actually face those challenges —that’s the barrier that I was able to break. 

If somebody asked me how it was the first day  , I think I broke that wall and I saw the big picture, which is understanding and acceptance. You have a community you always belong to, but if you go beyond what you’re used to and begin to understand different cultures, you start finding that you belong there, too.

I never thought I would be here — I never thought I would come to college or sit and represent students.  

It has all made me think of what my father said, that you can make something out of nothing. If I had nothing and now I have something, I can only imagine what I can take from here and do.”

Gar Gar, BA ’13 | BBA ’16 | SAITSA President

Editor’s note: Gar Gar’s family is from South Sudan. They immigrated to North Sudan and then to Egypt because of the Second Sudanese Civil War, which took place from 1983 - 2005. Gar came to Canada as a sponsored refugee in 2005. Today, Gar is married and is a proud father of three. He received his Business Administration Diploma in 2013 and Business Administration Degree in 2016 and currently works as the President of SAITSA. 


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