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28 Jun
Showing team spirit

Showing team spirit

“I was thinking I would have some practice for Provincial Skills, but it didn't happen like that. The first of May was the last time I practiced ... it was the Sunday before we got evacuated.

Before Opening Ceremonies, me and my mom sat behind Victoria on the bus. She was taking a Snapchat and I was kind of in the background. I said, "oh, sorry for photo bombing that!" She asked "do you want to get in it?"

We added each other on Snapchat and talked about what we were here for and how we were going to share the kitchen and stuff. She said if I need anything, I could use her tools and stuff like that, which was really nice of her. I didn't end up needing tools, but the opportunity was there, and it touched my heart that she was offering to do that for me.

Later I realized I didn’t have a neck tie, and Victoria had three of them, so she said "you can use this one!" I didn't know how to tie it but she did it for me before my competition started. When I took it off, I made sure that it stayed tied, so I could put it back on the next morning.”

Donella Marlowe-Bureau, Father Patrick Mercredi Community High School | Skills Canada National Competition 2016

Editor's note: High-school culinary competitor Donella Marlowe-Bureau was preparing for the National Skills Competition in Moncton, NB, when she was evacuated from her home in Fort McMurray last month. When she arrived at the competition, she found support with her fellow Alberta teammate Victoria Hislop, a post-secondary culinary competitor from SAIT.

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