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13 Dec

The gift of starting over

”Right now, sadly, my beautiful country of Mexico is experiencing some very hard times. In just three years my family and I suffered many terrible crimes, including robbery and kidnapping.

Then my son was born. That changed things completely for my wife and me.

I had always wanted to study abroad, so I looked for the opportunity to live this dream, and my wife was very excited to do it as well. So when our son was born, we decided it was time to start over.

I decided to apply to attend SAIT, but that nearly didn’t happen. One of the requirements to apply for my program was to send a portfolio by mail. It took me about a month to gather everything and design it.

Just one week before the deadline two criminals with guns broke into my office and took everything I had, including my portfolio. I had to do everything over again in three days.

The package arrived one day after the deadline and I received a letter declining my application. I sent an e-mail explaining the situation and the documents proving what happened. A few days later I received an e-mail asking me to write an essay, and a week after that I got a new letter from SAIT.

I was accepted.

Of course, our family and friends have encouraged us, but we never thought that we would arrive and receive so much kindness from strangers. From the very moment we arrived in this beautiful country we have received selfless generosity and solidarity.

My wife and I are beginning to understand that the only constant in life is change. We learned that as long as we are together our home could be moved anywhere in the world and all what we need can fit in a suitcase. Also, that sometimes when something looks bad, it can actually become a blessing.”

Hector Flores, SAIT New Media Production and Design student | SAIT Alumni and Stakeholder Relations Assistant

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