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03 Jan
The sound of music

The sound of music

“My favourite part about cars is the way they sound, the noises they make. Every car, every exhaust has its own unique sound ― it’s like music.

I went into being an electrician at first. I did three years of that and then I kind of decided that cars were more my thing, so I did a quick switch … I had thought I would do cars as my hobby and electrical work as my job, but I found out cars are my passion ― I love being around them, fixing them, playing with them.

In high school, you have to go home and study at a desk, and I just always wanted to go outside and do things with my hands. My grandpa was a master carpenter, so I would hang out with him. It seemed like he knew everything. He taught me to never give up. He’d be frustrated with something he made, and if it wasn’t perfect, he’d fix it. He wouldn’t quit. He was just that person in my life, my role model. 

I learned more from him than I did sitting at a desk. That’s why I like SAIT so much because you’re not just behind a desk. You go do it, and it sticks with you.”

Matt Seymour, Fourth-Year Automotive Service Technician Apprentice, SAIT

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