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27 Sep
What it means to be Blackfoot

What it means to be Blackfoot

“Being Blackfoot is about showing respect for everyone, even if they don’t show it back. It’s about accepting people no matter who they are. It’s about loving yourself, loving your culture, loving nature, the creator, everything.

With me, my grandma was in a residential school, and it impacted me because I didn’t grow up learning or speaking my language.

All these people who went through residential school had their identity taken away from them because they weren’t allowed to speak their language, see their parents, live their culture – they were taken away unwillingly and it just destroyed them.

I am most proud of our language. It links you back to your ancestors and that all we were supposed to learn but didn’t. And it makes me proud to learn it.

I really enjoy saying ‘good morning’ in Blackfoot. Do you want to hear it? This is how you say ‘good morning’ in Blackfoot: Iitaamikskanaotonni (ee-DAH-meek-sh-ka-no-doe-nee).

I like that word because it means it’s the start of a new day.”

Amber Woods, SAIT Professional Cooking student

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