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In celebration of 100 years, we're sharing stories about the people who have shaped SAIT throughout our first century.
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14 Feb
We fell in love at SAIT

We fell in love at SAIT

“Peter and I met in June 2002 ... My best friend had moved out here, so I came to visit her for the summer and decided to stay in SAIT residence.

My roommate was in the same cooking program as Peter and convinced me to go out with her to a pub one night. I remember noticing him the first time I saw him — he kept switching seats with other students until eventually he ended up right beside me. He told me later that he had done this on purpose … Afterwards, I was unsure if we’d see each other again.

The fire alarm went off in Owasina residence around 11 pm one night . I evacuated with everyone else. I was trying to figure out what was going on and I heard someone call out to me. It was Peter … We were together almost every day after that until it was time for me to go back to Montreal to resume my studies at Concordia at the end of August. We dated long distance.  We wrote letters, although we did email too. I still have all of those letters Peter wrote me.

Late December 2002, Peter asked me over the telephone to marry him. I said, 'Yes!' After I came back to Calgary in spring 2003, he often tried to get me to elope and marry him at city hall. Being in our twenties, I thought we should wait until we were older and settled. Finally, in October 2009, we eloped and got married on the Sunshine Coast in BC. 

It’s now been 14 years since we met and seven since we married, and now we have Izzy. We’ve been taking her here to SAIT for swimming lessons since she was eight months old. 

Carolina Spriggs-Zastre

Editor’s note: Carolina and Peter’s love story in his words: “Because a residence building was evacuated I ended up running into a girl outside that I had met a week before. She was visiting friends in Calgary and was staying at the residence during the summer. We never exchanged phone numbers when we first met, so I was happy to see her again. Had there not been a building evacuation we probably wouldn't have seen each other again ― or ended up dating, or ended up getting married, or sitting together with our daughter having breakfast this morning!” – Peter Zastre, Professional Cooking ‘03


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