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02 Feb
A great big thank you!

A great big thank you!

Chef Rose Warden, one of SAIT's Baking and Pastry Arts instructors, took the lead to create the epic 7-foot centennial birthday cake unveiled during the celebrations on Oct. 16, but she couldn't do it alone. To help her out she brought together a team of nearly 80 students, alumni, and industry partners who put in 1,200 hours of volunteer time to create the 10-tier masterpiece. They helped in all aspects from planning, to baking, to creating the 150 figurines, to putting it all together for the party. It was truly a team effort, and now that the 'flour' has settled, Rose took a moment to say a special thank you to the dedicated group of bakers.

She brought the group together for a special reception where each person received a special gift which included an exclusive centennial cake apron, an icing spatula, and a special frosting tip. It was a great night for the group to come together and socialize, watch a video about the making of the cake, and enjoy some pizza and beverages. The night would not be complete without a cake, and Chef Rose did not disappoint. The two-foot round cake looked like a very realistic looking deep-dish ham and pineapple pizza. Yes, a cake that looked very much like a pizza - complete with bits of ham that looked a little singed on the edges and mini pineapple chunks. The pizza cake was an inside joke. Rose figured that since the bakers didn't get a chance to get a piece of cake on the birthday, that she would make a pizza cake - get it, pizza cake/piece of cake!

What a great team! Thank you again for all you did to create the biggest cake ever seen at SAIT!

The delicious pizza cake created by Chef Rose Warden.



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