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06 Apr
A history of the SAIT logo

A history of the SAIT logo

SAIT has a new brand, and with it ― drum roll, please ― a new logo, too! It’s been 18 years in the making since SAIT last rebranded. Now, heading straight into our second century, we’re ready for a fresh look.

Throughout the years, SAIT's brand has seen many iterations, but the institute's focus on providing hands-on knowledge for real-world results continues to drive its identity and inform its branding and logo. 

Take a look back in time to see how our identity and appearance has changed over time:

1916: PITA's insignia

In 1916, PITA was a little school with big, and attainable, dreams. Its insignia features three words — progress, precision and perseverance — which spoke to its innovative course offerings as well as its role in retraining veterans so that they could continue to persevere and move forward in their civilian lives.



1970: SAIT's first logo

Though PITA became SAIT on Dec. 24, 1960, SAIT didn't get its first logo until 1970. The sweeping "S" of the first design features four bars that represented the four main areas of programing — apprenticeship trades, engineering technologies, applied arts and international education. The line surrounding the SAIT graphic was meant to emphasize the idea of school unity.


1998: SAIT's logo gets a face-lift

In 1998, the long-standing "S" logo was refreshed with a design that became the foundation for SAIT's brand imagery through to today. The SAIT name is enveloped with dual curves representing pride in tradition while looking towards the future. In this logo, the words "Building Careers, Building Business" appear underneath SAIT's name. The tagline is significant of the converging paths of career and business in the continuum of lifelong learning.


2002: Dropping the tagline

In 2002, SAIT removed the tagline from its logo and introduced its full written name — Southern Alberta Institute of Technology — beside the 1998 design. Colours were also brightened and a trademark was added.


2005: Becoming a polytechnic

In 2005, SAIT added "Polytechnic" to its name. The position of Polytechnic under the SAIT name harkens back to its earliest identity and represents the school's devotion to hands-on instruction in technical arts and applied sciences — ranging from trades to technology studies. 


2008: Building on tradition

In 2008, a new tagline was introduced. In this design, the SAIT name, dual curves, and Polytechnic branding is all still there, but the logo is surrounded by a red box with the phrase, "Further your passion." The updated look was the result of a goal to gain a new understanding of SAIT's brand essence — that journey meant initiating conversations and listening to what people had to say about SAIT.

In all those conversations, one word kept coming up — passion. The passion to learn, the passion for student success and the passion for careers made possible by a SAIT education —SAIT is the place to further your passion. Though the tagline served SAIT well, it was retired in July 2014 to make way for new branding.


2016: A reflection of who we are and where we are heading

In SAIT's 100th year, the institution's brand has evolved to reflect a new vision for its second century. 

The emblem in the SAIT logo is called the Catalyst — an activator of change. SAIT's symbol is forged by five s-shaped connectors representing the people and relationships that define us:

  • students
  • faculty and staff
  • alumni
  • employers and partners
  • the diverse communities we serve

As the connectors weave together, they create a series of interlocking infinity symbols reflecting the breadth of our offerings and the infinite opportunities SAIT enables.

The star located at the heart of our Catalyst expresses our passion for excellence, as professionals and as a community.

SAIT's international outlook and global collaborations are echoed in the spherical shape of our symbol.

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