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22 Feb
88 Olympic Cake

Icing on the centennial cake

SAIT's 100th birthday cake will be a team effort - and baker Rose Warden wants your input.

One hundred years warrant a cake of spectacular proportions, and Rose Warden — accomplished cake decorator, SAIT alumna and current SAIT instructor — is ready to create a fitting sugary tribute for SAIT's 100th birthday party.

Warden will be working with a team of students, fellow instructors and volunteers will spend hundreds of hours designing, preparing, baking and assembling the scrumptious masterpiece.

In addition to her team, Warden wants design input from the SAIT community.

"This is not just marking a milestone for an institution," Warden explains. "This is 100 years' worth of people's efforts and ideas. We want the cake to represent that — the ideas of a community."


To see more of Warden's work, visit her blog.


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