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17 May
Volunteers make the difference for SAIT’s birthday celebration

Volunteers make the difference for SAIT’s birthday celebration

Jona Way (Tourism Administration ’77) learned the value of volunteering by example, watching her grandmother give her time to community organizations into her 80s. It’s a lesson she hopes her students and coworkers learn first-hand from her as an instructor in SAIT’s Travel and Tourism program. 

“You can’t ask them to volunteer for events if you’re not willing to go out and volunteer yourself,” she says. 

Volunteering for SAIT events lets Jona meet coworkers that she wouldn’t normally have access to. As a lifelong volunteer, Jona and her husband were some of the first to sign up to donate their time to the SAIT centennial events. She continues to roll up her sleeves and volunteer when the call goes out but she’s especially looking forward to pitching in at centennial events.

“We’ll volunteer, but we’re also excited to come with our kids and grandkids to enjoy the birthday festivities.”

Cathy Downey, Centennial Project Director, says more than 400 volunteers will be needed to help put on the birthday celebrations.

“We’re looking to our staff, students and alumni to join in and make these events spectacular. It’s going to be an amazing time to be at SAIT, and there are many exciting volunteer opportunities for the taking.” 

Volunteers can get involved with guest relations, be food and beverage attendants, parking directors, family activity facilitators and much more. By signing up early, volunteers get first pick for the roles they want to fill.  

“We’re keeping volunteer shifts short so they can have fun and take part in the events too,” says Cathy. “They can come down and volunteer in the afternoon, then stay and enjoy the evening show and fireworks, or vice versa. There will be something for everyone.”

Jona encourages anyone who is sitting on the fence about volunteering during centennial to just go ahead and do it. 

“Some people think they don’t have anything to give, but I think everyone has something to give.”

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