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13 Jan
Warming hearts and filling stomachs

Warming hearts and filling stomachs

On Wednesday, Jan. 11 volunteers braved the slippery streets to help give back to a worth organization as part of a SAIT-led 100 Projects Project. Thirteen volunteers, made up of SAIT employees and alumni, prepared 40 meals for families who are served by Made by Momma. They spent the evening chopping, dicing and sautéing the ingredients for the four different meals which included turkey chili, jerk pork, and cottage pie.

Made by Momma helps families facing adversity and crisis by providing healthy prepared meals and other services to families where the mom may have been diagnosed with a chronic injury or illness. This allows mothers the time they need to rest, recover, and focus on their families and health. Like most non-profit groups Made by Momma was born from a need. When a mom who was part of a Meetup group was diagnosed with a serious illness the other mothers realized that because she had no family here, she had no support network. Mothers are usually the ones taking care of kids and family, but what happens when the mom is the one who is sick? The other mothers stepped up to cook meals, assist with her kids, and help where they could. It occurred to them that there are probably plenty of moms without a support network in the city and were being overwhelmed with their situation. “Women helping women – one of the best and strongest support systems that has ever existed.”

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